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BDN blog topics that tend to trend

BDN blog topics that tend to trend

Hands down the most popular blog questions we get is, “what should I write about?” The answer, of course, depends on your blog theme and category, but generally speaking topics that connect to the Maine experience perform well and draw a wide readership. This week on Maine on the Blogs we thought we would share with you topics that tend to trend.

Use these 100 power words to boost reader interest

Use these 100 power words to boost reader interest

Power words are words that most effectively convey an action or an emotion in order to drum up strong emotional responses. Masterful writers know that when they inject passionate words into prose, blog posts, articles, etc., that they are able to craft a predictable response from readers.

7 tips to boost the quality of your posts and get your blog promoted

10 Different writing styles for blog posts that will engage readers

Do you want to attract a loyal audience and get promoted more often? Start following these 7 guidelines today.

How To Network With Other BDN Bloggers

When I started blogging a few years ago the single most repeated piece of advice I got was this: “You’ll never get an audience unless you network.” I was so sure that my writing would speak for itself and that I would draw the attention of a loyal readership through my hard work. I was […]

How to host a guest blog post

One of the best parts of having a blog is guest posting, which is when a blogger writes a post and has it published on someone else’s blog. There are many good reasons for guest posting including increased readership, exposure to new styles of writing and point of view, and earning clips for a portfolio […]

5 smart strategies for writing effective blog titles

An effective blog title invites readership engagement. While it may be tempting to write poetic or stylized titles, the best way to convince a reader to click on your link and perhaps even share it is to appeal to their curiosity in these 5 different ways. 1) Numbered Lists Numbered lists are highly effective because […]