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How to create a Facebook Page for your BDN blog

By now you’ve heard of Facebook Pages and have probably heard folks talking about their “insights”, “stats”, and “reach”. Creating a Facebook Page for your Bangor Daily News (BDN) blog is a marvelous way to increase your readership because you are exposing your blog posts to a potentially larger pool of content consumers. Not only […]

How To Network With Other BDN Bloggers

When I started blogging a few years ago the single most repeated piece of advice I got was this: “You’ll never get an audience unless you network.” I was so sure that my writing would speak for itself and that I would draw the attention of a loyal readership through my hard work. I was […]

How to host a guest blog post

One of the best parts of having a blog is guest posting, which is when a blogger writes a post and has it published on someone else’s blog. There are many good reasons for guest posting including increased readership, exposure to new styles of writing and point of view, and earning clips for a portfolio […]

How to write an awesome About Page: Creating consistency across the web (part two)

Last week we talked about how to structure an About Page that can highlight your accomplishments. This week we’ll talk about the ways that your About Page can act like a resume and how to use the same information in your About Page across your social media platforms. RESUME An effective About Page will tell […]

How to write an awesome About Page: All about YOU (part one)

What is the measure of success for a blog? The answer is traffic. A successful blog will have a loyal readership that regularly visits the site whenever a new post is published. One effective way to help build a successful blog is to create an interesting About Page that can tell the readers and potential […]

Tips for getting your BDN blog post on the home page

With more than 140 blogs (and growing) at The Bangor Daily News, we get a lot of questions about what makes a successful post. The most popular question we get asked is how to get a post to appear on the home page. Today we’ll give you four crucial tips to consider if you would like […]