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How to add video content to your blog

How to add video to your blog post

Adding video content to your blog is a simple way to make your blog posts dynamic and shareable for readers. Did you know that one minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words? Imagine what you can share with your audience by incorporating video content. In this post, we won’t get into how to make a video, but rather we will focus on how to use YouTube to curate video content that will resonate with your audience.

Troubleshooting images in your WordPress blog

Troubleshooting Images In Your WordPress Blog

Let me lay some truth on you: because we really do judge a book by its cover, so too do we judge a blog post by its featured images. This week on Maine on the Blogs we are going to take on your most frequently asked questions about troubleshooting blog post images.

7 tips to boost the quality of your posts and get your blog promoted

10 Different writing styles for blog posts that will engage readers

Do you want to attract a loyal audience and get promoted more often? Start following these 7 guidelines today.