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How to deal with Internet Trolls

We spend a great deal of time on Maine on the Blogs talking about how to attract readers and boost page views. But what do you do when you attract the wrong reader who posts nasty comments that appear to have the sole purpose of sucker punching you with hurtful or hateful insults? This week we […]

How to host a guest blog post

One of the best parts of having a blog is guest posting, which is when a blogger writes a post and has it published on someone else’s blog. There are many good reasons for guest posting including increased readership, exposure to new styles of writing and point of view, and earning clips for a portfolio […]

5 smart strategies for writing effective blog titles

An effective blog title invites readership engagement. While it may be tempting to write poetic or stylized titles, the best way to convince a reader to click on your link and perhaps even share it is to appeal to their curiosity in these 5 different ways. 1) Numbered Lists Numbered lists are highly effective because […]