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How to get your blog involved with your local community

How to get your blog involved with your local community

One of Henry David Thoreau’s most famous lines begins, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…” as Maine bloggers, we have the unique opportunity to create a massive web of storytellers, each with a distinct voice, that can shape the way the world sees the place we call home. By taking the time to invest in your local community, your community will invest in you and your stories.

How To Network With Other BDN Bloggers

When I started blogging a few years ago the single most repeated piece of advice I got was this: “You’ll never get an audience unless you network.” I was so sure that my writing would speak for itself and that I would draw the attention of a loyal readership through my hard work. I was […]

5 smart strategies for writing effective blog titles

An effective blog title invites readership engagement. While it may be tempting to write poetic or stylized titles, the best way to convince a reader to click on your link and perhaps even share it is to appeal to their curiosity in these 5 different ways. 1) Numbered Lists Numbered lists are highly effective because […]